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                                                                                              We Believe that:

God wants you to get to know His character, only then you will find His irresistible love:

God revealed His character in a very clear way through three different events.  First He used His act of creation when He brought man and woman into existence both with free will.  The substituting death of Jesus Christ on the cross for us is the second great event.  He paid for our sins giving us the gift of forgiveness and the promise of an eternal life with Him.  The third event confirms the first two and fills our hearts with joy and hope: His tomb is now empty!  He lives and is willing to have a relationship of love with each one of us.

The Holy Bible is the voice of God and our propriety of conduct:

The Bible gives us God’s guidelines for a better life style.  Sometimes His voice speaks through the stories we find in it.  Many of them teach us how to deal with our daily problems; others fill our hearts with peace and hope.  Each one of them is like a personal letter God has written to you.  Portions of His letters are God’s own advices like the Ten Commandments

 In other portions of the Bible God gives us practical council and encouragement through parables, promises and warnings.  When people asked Jesus to combine His Commandments, He did it in two parts saying: “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’” Then He said, “A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Jesus never changes.  He is the Creator, Sustainer, Savior, Friend, Son of God and God Himself:

 The whole world is in a constant process of change, including our desires, interests and abilities.  However, Jesus is consistent. He is always the same, His character is unchangeable.  We can believe in His promises because He is God.  We believe Jesus is one of the three persons called Godhead or Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit live as coeternal and coexistent in utter self-giving and love for one another.  They made salvation possible for all of us. 

 When life seems unbearable, when struggles surround you and you feel like your alone in the whole universe, Jesus is right in the midst of all as your Sustainer offering peace and hope.  If you just allow Him to come into your life He begins by inspiring you to change behaviors and actions in your life that are harmful to you.  If you choose to look at Jesus you will be seeing the face of a God of love that is constantly interceding for us before the Father for each one of us.

God’s vision for you is life.  God loves you and He wants to give you the most unimaginable quality of life:

 God wants to give you the best quality of life here and in eternity with Him.  That’s the reason why He gives to each one of us a special talent, so we can live a life of fulfillment.  When God created you, He gave you special abilities that will help you to become a person of value.  This is the reason why He designed His Church on this earth.  He planned His Church to be a living community where you are invited to be part of it.  In this living community the followers of Christ are not afraid of death, because Christ overcame death at Calvary and gave us the assurance of resurrection. 

 The followers of Christ also look around to the events that are happening in the world we live and see them as signs that Jesus’ Second Coming to this earth is drawing near, when He will fulfill His promise to bring back to life those who are resting in Him and after gathering them with those who will be alive at His second coming to this earth, He will take them all to a celestial home throughout eternity.

The heart of God is a place where you can call home.  God loves you and He wants to spend personal and quality time with you like two close friends:

 God hopes that every morning you both can spend time together in order to decide how you will face the challenges of the day ahead of you.  It is very good to be God’s friend.  You can always trust in Him because He loves you.  In order to prove it, He gave us a special day as part of the relationship He wants to have with you:  It is the seventh-day of the week, the Sabbath.  The Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, describes the seventh-day as the day God set apart for His people to worship Him.  The only thing He requests is that we set this day apart to be with Him also.

 There is another great truth concerning our relationship with God.  He is preparing a place better than anything that we could ever imagine.  He promised us that if a person accepts Him as their Savior and follow His instructions, one day we will be able to exchange this earth, filled with pain and suffering, for a place called heaven.

 You can’t forget that Jesus has already won the war between good and evil.  He is a victorious King and He celebrates His victory for delivering us from sin every time we take part in the Communion Service He instituted.  Besides that, in order to help us understand how He is able to transform our lives for better and making us His own children, Jesus gave us the example of baptism.  The baptism by immersion symbolizes that we die for a life of sins and it also represents a new birth in Christ Jesus.

 All God’s promises such as eternal life, His forgiveness, His peace, His transforming grace and the hope through His Holy Spirit are blessed gifts that He has given us.  Please accept His loving offer for you and start belonging to His family, surely He also will be part of yours.

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